Animal Information

City Ordinances Regarding Animals 

The main city ordinance on animals is Chapter 90: Animals.

  • If you have animal questions or complaints, call 651-552-4200 Monday - Friday, 8am-4:30pm or 651-322-2323 (24-hours).

Animal Owner Requirements

Here are some of the basic requirements.  For more information on city ordinances regarding animals, refer to the other pages in this section.

 License your domestic animal:
  The City of West St. Paul requires that dogs and cats residing
 in the city, be licensed.  Some exotic animals are also required to be licensed. See Licensing Your Pet page for more information.

Keep you pet fenced or on a leash:  Refer to section Domestic Animals Running Loose

Pick up your animal’s messes Refer to section Animal Litter

Dog and Cat