Property Recognition Program


The City of West St. Paul offers the Outstanding Property Awards as a way to recognize property owners who have well-kept residential and/or commercial property.  Residents can nominate owners who have made significant, positive improvements to their property or who do a magnificent job of property maintenance. View the Outstanding Property Awards Information / Nomination Form.

Any person can nominate a candidate's property for the program. The amount of money spent on improvements is not a deciding factor for these awards. Rather, the use of the property and the compatibility with the neighborhood will be considered. If the effort undertaken makes the neighborhood better, the property owner should be nominated!

Please contact your Ward Representative to nominate a property for the Outstanding Property Awards Program.  Awards winners will be presented at the August City Council Meeting.

Award History

Please assist us in acknowledging and saying thank you to those citizens and businesses that make West St. Paul a great community! View the map of Outstanding Property Award Winners from 2003 - 2017.

The Outstanding Awards Program began in 2003 as a way to identify and publicly acknowledge property owners for their efforts in making property improvements and/or their tenacity in maintaining their property. Forty-four property owners have received this honor to date.