Adopt-a-Park Program

  1. Adopt-A-Park
  2. Adopt-A-Street
  3. Adopt-A-Bus Shelter

For individuals, families, groups, businesses, schools, organizations, etc. to assist their community by performing tasks such as trash pickup, and weeding in a West St. Paul park. 
  • A trash free community is inviting to visitors and prospective new residents and businesses.
  • Through the efforts of volunteers, improvements can be made which may otherwise not be possible. Taking ownership in a city park gives everyone a sense of pride in their park and community 
  1. Clean-up trash from all grassed and surrounding areas in the park, weed and pick up small branches from most used areas in the park that is agreed upon by the City and volunteer(s). Clean-up should occur at least once a month from April through October, but more often is appreciated.
  2. Fill out and sign the Adopt a Park Form. We appreciate a commitment of a minimum of two (2) years.
  3. Follow the safety guidelines below:
  • Have along a first aid kit and be aware of local emergency services in case of injuries.
  • Plan plenty of time, bring water, take breaks and take care to not over-exert.
  • Do not remove heavy, rusty, hazardous, etc. items that may cause injury.
  • For broken glass be sure to wear gloves, and if possible, use a broom and dustpan.
  • Make sure adequate supervision is provided for participants seventeen years of age or younger. If younger than 8 years old they should always have an adult with them at all times.
  • Keep pets at a distance from Clean-up operations.

  1. Do a special pick-up if the trash bins are over full.
  2. Provide trash bags upon request. 
  3. Remove large, heavy, or hazardous materials from the adopted park area.
  4. Follow up on reports of graffiti, damage, dumped items, downed trees, etc. and check on any safety concerns.

Email Diane Erickson, Volunteer Manager at or call 651-208-4840 to sign up for the Program and to report volunteer hours.
Call Mike Sanders, Park Maintenance Department, 651-552-4160 to schedule a trash/debris pick-up, to request trash bags or to report concerns.