Foot Golf Course

Thompson Oaks Golf Course's Two Decade Run Concludes

After years of discussion, the City Council voted to close the 9-hole course on February 26th, 2018. The 5-0 vote to close West St. Paul's Municipal Golf Course came soon after a likely land deal would have left the course with only 7 holes. Thompson Oaks Golf Course was a 23-acre, 9-hole executive course. The timing of the closure announcement leaves golfers time to find an alternate course for the 2018 season. The City has performed environmental and debris testing on the site that will require further testing and a mitigation plan before moving forward with the site.

While the closure of Thompson Oaks Golf Course was a bitter-sweet inevitability, it opens the door to many opportunities that will benefit all West St. Paul residents, not just golfers. At the same time that exciting development opportunities are being pursued on portions of the 23-acre site, the City is also working with Dakota County on a trail plan around the picturesque lake that sits on what was previously hole-9. Without the hazard of flying golf balls, an opportunity to take advantage of this beautiful resource presents itself. City officials are also exploring other park and greenspace opportunities on this land that were not previously available to the public. Stay tuned for exciting announcements on the future of this site.

Foot Golf Course Open in West St. Paul!


After years of discussion, Thompson Oaks Golf Course was closed earlier this year. While redevelopment of the site undergoes discussion and planning, a footgolf course was created to make use of the land during the interim. The temporary course is the only one in the state exclusively for footgolf. 

Footgolf is a way to enjoy time playing a new, exciting sport that combines the sports of golf and soccer. The sport is played much like a traditional game of golf. Players kick a soccer ball from the starting tee area to the hole, which is 21 inches in diameter and marked with a flag. The objective of Footgolf is to complete the course using the fewest number of kicks.

Cost is $10 for 9-holes. Bring your own ball or rent one for a few bucks more!

Thanks to all of the golfers for an amazing 20+ year run!