Planning / Zoning


The city’s Zoning Ordinance is a legal implementation document the city uses to enforce the Comprehensive Plan.  The city adopts a Zoning Map which identifies a Zoning District for every property in the city. The Zoning Districts must be consistent with the comprehensive land use map. The Zoning Ordinance dictates what land uses are allowed in each district and includes regulations on how land uses should be developed or used. These regulations include setbacks, design guidelines, landscaping requirements, and many other land use related items.

Useful Resources

Property Information & Site Plans

Dakota County provides a free online GIS application for residents to access public property information. The application allows residents to print property information and maps, view aerials, measure distances and create site plans for projects such as decks, fences, driveways and accessory structures. Call before you dig: Gopher State One Call.

For more information or assistance, please call the City Planner at 651-552-4134 or email.

Zoning Applications