Smith Avenue Revitalization Plan


In 2011, the City adopted the Smith Avenue Revitalization Plan in an effort to set objectives and strategies for the economic, environmental and physical future of the Smith Avenue corridor, from Dodd Road in West St. Paul north to the High Bridge in St. Paul.  The plan was created as a joint effort between the Cities of West St. Paul and St. Paul with the assistance of the Riverview Economic Development Association (REDA), the Neighborhood Development Alliance (NeDA) and the West Side Citizens Organization (WSCO).

Staff from all five entities partnered to guide the planning process in creating the plan.  In addition, an advisory committee consisting of residents, business owners and property owners was formed to assist in creating the plan. The plan recommends a variety of action steps for the Smith Avenue corridor to help guide public officials, residents, business owners and other stakeholders for the next 10 to 15 years.