Moving Information


If you are moving into our city, Welcome!  Below is some information which may be helpful whether you are moving in or out of West St. Paul.

Useful Resources


  • The City of West St. Paul does not have a "Truth In Sale of Housing Program" or a "Point of Sale Program".
  • I/I Compliance Program - Learn about this city program for when you sell you house.


  • To request information/documents on a property or a report on our permitting history, complete the Request for Building Information online form.
  • Assessments (Special, Levied, Pending or Proposed) - There will be a $20 Assessment Search Fee for all Assessment searches.  Contact  Penny O'Kane / Accounts Payable Clerk, 651-552-4124
  • To find out if there are any existing Exterior Property Complaints / Code Compliance, on a house you just purchased, please contact either:
    Zachary Ludwig / Housing & Code Inspector, 651-552-4136
  • Shelonda Marie-Alves / Housing & Code Inspector, 651-552-4142